"Compact, powerful and versatile!" 

The new generation of uTravellerGo is the perfect solution for the global traveler.  Its unique design allows you to easily carry along an all-in-one outlet adapter for US, EU and UK power outlets.   The AC adapter and removable blade clips adjust to local frequency and voltage, so you can use power outlets around the world. Intelligent IC chip safety design protects your device from short-circuiting and overcharging.  The uTravellerGo offers 5V2A output, making it perfect for charging iPads and Tablets.  Plus, with standard DUAL USB ports, the new generation of uTravellerGo can easily work with any USB device and charge two devices at once!


uTravellerGo is part of an extensive range of global power solution from Salom.





● Ultra compact size is ideal for frequent traveler


● Slim size with only 18mm thickness


● Dual USB power outputs


● 5V/2A power output supports iPad or Tablet


● LED indicator for operation status


Pouch bag included for convenient storage


Compatible with all USB-powered devices


● AC plug adapters for all countries (US/EU/UK)

● Advanced IC Chip Technology to prevent back-flow
 current from electrical overload




● uTravellerGo SKU: UTRA3GO


● uTraveller - USB Charger

- Input: 100-240V  AC50~60Hz

- Output: 5V/2A (when using 1 port to charge)

                 5V/1A (when using 2 ports to charge)

- Dimension: 77x41x18mm

- Weight: 48g (Charger only)























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